Question: How Does the SIZING of the SANKOM FITNESS Shaper Work?
The Sizing Categories for SANKOM have been developed for international and European markets and tend to fit smaller generally. We recommend that you accurately check your current height and weight against the size chart and find the proper size that is recommended rather than to go by your usual size labelling. However, you can also use the US dress size interpretations for correct sizing against our SANKOM size Charts. We recommend however, that if your size or your weight plus height falls on the border of the SANKOM sizes PLEASE GO UP TO THE NEXT SIZE CATEGORY.
Question: How do you PROPERLY put on a SANKOM FITNESS Shaper?
It is important to review the instruction card that comes with the SANKOM Shaper that shows you how to put on the SHAPER step by step. Please roll down the shaper and step into it and pull it up to your groin area and begin rolling the shaper up to the base of the breast line. Do not Yank or Pull the shaper as it may cause it to not fit properly and you will not get the full body sculpting and posture support benefits.
Why does the SANKOM FITNESS Shaper feel so tight when I first put it on?
The SANKOM FITNESS Shaper is a classified medical device that is proven to help alleviate back pain and to improve body posture when working out or when sedentary. Its six compression zones will range from moderate to firm. Initially when you put it on, it will feel tight but please wear it for 10 minutes and walk around in it so that the fibers can loosen and mold around your body. After 10 minutes it will feel much more comfortable and fitted.
How long can I wear the SANKOM FITNESS Shaper?
Our studies have shown that it can be worn as long as 12 hours to have a lasting effect pain reduction effect. How long you choose to wear it is up to you but it is breathable and hypoallergenic. We do not recommend exceeding 16 hours in any given stretch so as to give you a chance to wash and change it.
Why doesn’t the SANKOM Fitness Shaper stay up?
It is highly likely that the SANKOM Fitness Shaper has not been put on correctly. Please take off the SANKOM Fitness Shaper and use the rolling up technique as recommended in Question 2. Our Grey Bamboo and Black Aloe Vera versions have silicon lining to assist in keeping the shaper in place and they give additional assurance of staying in place when worn correctly.
IF I have an APPLE Shaped Body TYPE Can I WEAR a SANKOM FITNESS Shaper?
Yes you can and many of our happy customers are indeed “apple shaped” and find that they have a new waistline as a result. It is especially important that you use the rolling up technique found in Question #2 when you have an apple shaped body. Your body type has a natural curvature that goes in at the base of the breast line where you should be placing the top of the SANKOM shaper. This is an important placement point for it to fit and work correctly for an Apple shaped body type.
How Does the SANKOM Fitness SHAPER work to give me a better workout?
SANKOM Fitness Shapers uses 6 zones of targeted compression technology to improve the center of gravity thereby improving your body posture and reducing the experience of back pain. These benefits in turn help you maintain proper alignment for your exercise positions and the engagement of the correct lower torso muscle groups. In this way, our studies have shown that if you wear the SANKOM shaper you are more aware of the proper engagement of your muscles, you experience more support and less pain, and are thus, more likely to be able to do longer and more effective workouts.
What types of BACK PAIN conditions has the SANKOM FITNESS Shaper proven to be helpful in pain reduction?
We have found that the SANKOM Fitness Shaper is effective in helping to reduce discomfort and pain with most musculoskeletal conditions such as back and hip arthritis, sciatica, degenerative disk issues, and muscular or skeletal injuries to back and hips. It does not effectively address pain related to visceral conditions such as endometriosis or Crohns disease for example. WE recommend all clients interested in using the SANKOM Fitness Shaper for pain reduction to consult with their medical practitioner about the appropriate use of compression wear for treating your condition.
Do you recommend that I use underwear or not when wearing the SANKOM Fitness Shaper?
This is a personal choice. All our SANKOM Fitness Shapers are breathable and hypoallergenic so you may or may not choose to wear underwear.
How do I care for the SANKOM Fitness Shaper?
Please wash in cold water using detergent and please hang to dry. Do not put into a dryer so you may enjoy your shaper for years to come.